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You Shouldn't Shoot It, Just Drink It

Actually it should have been just buying a nice present for a wonderful guy: A bottle of Kilchoman single malt whisky. In the end I bought one for myself, too (I adored it's raw smokey taste which is softened by the Sherry barrel maturation). A drink to drink for, ups die for. :o)

And because photographer are on a constant journey to document everything that runs in front of their lenses, I decided to shoot this beautiful bottle as a product shot. In a little while you're going to see some results... Till then here's a studio sideshot.

Bad Hair Day At The Office...

Sometimes you lie in bed, still dreaming of bella Italia (because you just came back early from a trip there) and the phone RINGS... RINGS...
Thank God I woke up to get this spontanious and cool job offer working for the big OSCE event in Basel this December.
Well, waking up early has his bad sides when you don't get to look into the mirror... :D See for yourself.

Well, on second thought maybe my hair wasn't that bad! ;o)

Kids, Don't Play With Fire!


Well, we did it anyway...because it's AWESOME! I am really happy and proud to have worked with stuntman Kris Hilton in this special project. And after hail Marys, sweating blood and some burns we finally got the perfect shot. Who thought shooting fire is easy? ;o)
Keep you posted on the final results...

Thanks to the wonderful team which made this unforgetable shoot possible: Kris Hilton, Klemens Niklaus Trenkle, Patric Piredda, Gil Kaufmann, Steffi Hilton and the "Nut-Girl" Angie.
We're were ON FIRE, yes sir!!!